Fixed Hazards

(hazards that do not move but may be affected by tides)

  • Marinas, bridges, abutments, pillars, posts, docks, rocks, rock fill, sea walls
  • Groins, jetties, piers (cargo & pedestrian)
  • Retainer dumps, rebar, wrecks, stumps, bone yards, cables, buoys
  • Dredging gear & pipes, loose lines, traps, pots, nets
  • Oyster beds & sand bars
  • Slippery launch pads

Safety & Hazards PDF for download (pdf)


Dynamic Hazards

(now you see them, now you don’t)

Power boats, ships, sail boats, jet skis, tugs, barges, SWBs

Rules of the Road (PDF)

  • Other paddle craft, divers, swimmers
  • Jelly fish, sting rays, sharks
  • Intertidal zone, kelp, mud flats, large tide range
  • fishing lines, fish hooks
  • Flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict
  • Boat loading area traffic


Environmental Hazards

(Mother nature will not be fooled)

  • Waves, breaking waves, rogue waves,
  • Long shore currents, rip currents, tide races
  • Lightning, fog
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Wind


Hazards of “Omission”

(Things you should have done or planned for, but didn’t)

  • Prepare and Plan
  • File a float plan
  • Check and service your gear
  • Confirm conditions suitable before launch
  • Consider your skill set
  • hypothermia, hyperthermia, hyponatremia, cold shock


Hazards of “Commission”

(Things you should not have done, but did)

  • Some prescription drugs can exacerbate health conditions
  • Count on someone else to be prepared for you
  • Plan on someone else taking care of you



Critical Judgement from ACA (PDF) ACA

 Sea Kayaker Magazine Gear List (PDF)  Suggested Gear List
 Dogfish Suggested Repair Kit List (PDF)  Suggested Repair Kit List
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 Self rescues – Cowboy vs. Cowgirl //
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Booklets, Brochures & Info

Booklets, Brochures and info you can obtain (mostly free!)

Handbook of SC Boating Laws & Responsibilities
Boaters guide to Federal Requirements for Recreational boats // PDF download
You’re in Command