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Reach Your Full Potential

Performance kayaking requires an advanced skillset.  Whether you need personalized coaching, a course that challenges you, top coaches for your school or event, or advanced instructor development and certification.  Wave Paddler provides:

  • Top ACA Coaches, ITs and ITEs
  • Advanced skill development weekends
  • Fully immersed learning environments
  • Guided adventures and instructional trips
  • Goal-oriented skill progression courses
  • Instructor development and refinement

Course Schedule

About Dale Williams

Dale Williams

Dale Williams is an ACA L-5 Instructor Trainer Educator (ITE).  There is no higher designation in the ACA and Dale is known for his detailed knowledge of all things kayaking.  A former paragliding ski instructor, Dale knows adventure sports and has a unique style that results in students growing their skills in challenging environments.

Dale makes his home on Tybee Island, Georgia, where the Triangle creates some of the best kayak surf found on the East Coast.  Dale regularly travels the globe teaching for kayak schools, symposiums and running instructor development workshops and exams.  He serves on the ACA Coastal Kayak Committee which develops course instruction and requirements, and was formerly active in the BCU.  Dale is also the East Coast importer and distributor of SKUK/NDK kayaks, Celtic Paddles and Reed paddling gear.

Coaches We Work With

We regularly work with several independent coaches for our events, and recommend them for kayak instruction at all levels.

The Best Way to Grow Your Skills

There is no substitute for cockpit time.  If you’re ready to challenge yourself, grow your kayaking skills and take on advanced kayak conditions and boat control, our courses and coaches will get you there, with a smile on your face.

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