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Explore Kayaking

Sea kayaks are extremely sea worthy vessels that can take you to many of the worlds most beautiful places. Whether it is day-trips or multiday expeditions, sea kayaks can help you explore the best spots!

Explore Canoeing

Canoes have been around for thousands of years. Canoes offer comfort and performance. With proper training one can maximize the use of these versatile craft. Using a single blade properly, you will understand the slogan “Half the blade, twice the paddler!”

Explore SUP

These craft are praised for how easy they are to transport, swim from, and are efficient on the water. Surfing, touring, nature watching, and fitness paddling are just some of the opportunities available.

Skills Courses

  • Develop your strokes, rescues, towing, rolling, trip leadership skills

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Instructor certifications

  • Instructor Development Workshops – all levels
  • Instructor Certification Workshops – all levels

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Incident management

  • Stuff happens – learn what to do through experience in a controlled environment

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  • Custom classes/workshops suited to you or your group

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