Wave Paddler started as Charleston Paddles, and over time morphed into Wave Paddler in recognition of our love for all things involving moving water. That doesn’t mean we only play in the surf – we’re happy to provide instruction in kayaks, paddleboards and canoes on virtually any body of water. We’ll even teach the kayak roll in a pool!

Read on to learn more about founders Jeff Atkins and Ashley Brown, and some of the other coaches we work with.

Jeff Atkins

L-5 Instructor and IT

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Ashley Brown

L-5 Instructor and IT

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Additional Team Members

Dale Williams

Dale Williams

ACA L5 ITE and Kayak Surfing OG

Dale lives on Tybee Island, GA and is the Grand Master of all things kayak surfing. Mentors us all. East Coast importer of NDK kayaks.

Laura Zulliger

L5 Instructor and IT

Laura’s first foray into kayaking was a month-long sea kayaking trip through southeast Alaska in high school. She left Alaska with an awkward PFD tan, hundreds of bug bites, and an insatiable addiction to paddling. Now with over 15 years of coaching experience, Laura is an ACA-certified Level 5 Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor - the youngest woman to earn this level of certification - and an L4 Whitewater Kayaking Instructor.

In addition to sea kayaking, she teaches whitewater kayaking, canoeing, surf kayaking and rolling. As a coach, Laura draws upon this multidisciplinary approach to give students the skills and confidence needed to experience the waves, rocks and swell of California’s energetic coastline as a playground rather than a battleground. To that end, she is grateful for the opportunity to work with paddlers at every stage of their development. She’s the Saltwater Program Director for California Watersport Collective, an organization designed to cultivate a diverse and supportive network of paddlers and frequent collaborator with Wavepaddler.

In spring of 2017, Laura and Kelly Henry embarked on a 6-week adventure in Taiwan in which they paddled the entire East Coast of the island nation and taught classes through Formosa Kayak School. When she’s not on the water playing in waves and around rocks, she leads marketing and European programs for Sea Trek Sausalito.

Bev Cosslett

L4 Instructor

Lives in Charleston, SC and owns Charleston Paddles focusing on paddlesports instruction and paddling adventures along the US Southeast coastal waterways. Bev especially enjoys kayak surfing and kayak camping as well as sharing her love of the water through teaching kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

Her ACA certifications include: L4 Coastal Kayaking, L2 SUP, and L2 Canoe Instructor. She volunteers her time serving on the ACA Board of Directors, ACA SEIC Coastal Kayaking Committee, and ACA Regional Activity Council. Bev is also a certified WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and Yoga Teacher (200 hour).

James Kesterson Kayak instrutor

James Kesterson

ACA L5 Instructor and Always Smiling

James lives in Durham, NC and is known for his calm, effective teaching style.

Tom Noffsinger Kayak Instructor

Tom Noffsinger

ACA L5 Instructor and Surf Hound

Tom lives in Chesapeake, VA and travels the East Coast in search of kayak friendly surf zones.