Performance Kayak Coaching & Instruction

Take Your Kayak Skills to the Next Level

Reach Your Full Potential

Performance kayaking requires an advanced skillset.  Whether you need personalized coaching, a course that challenges you, top coaches for your school or event, or advanced instructor development and certification.  Wave Paddler provides:

  • Top ACA Coaches, ITs and ITEs
  • Advanced skill development weekends
  • Fully immersed learning environments
  • Guided adventures and instructional trips
  • Goal-oriented skill progression courses
  • Instructor development and refinement

2017-2018 Schedule

  • Oct. 12, NDK Demo Day w/ Nigel and Eila at Tybee
  • Nov 11-14, L-5 IDW/ICE Tybee Island
  • Feb. 16-21, Rough Water Skills, Matanzas Inlet, Florida
  • Feb 16-18, L-4 Update, Matanzas Inlet, Florida
  • Feb 19-21, L-5 IDW/ICE, Matanzas Inlet, Florida
  • March 3-6, L-2 ICW, Tybee Island, GA
  • March 24-26, L-3 IDW, Tybee Island, GA
  • July 14-21 Western Ireland, including 7 nights lodging – MORE DETAILS

Our Awesome Coaches

There are countless reasons why our sea kayak coaches get such rave reviews, but here you can learn about who’s on the team.

The Best Way to Grow Your Skills

There is no substitute for cockpit time.  If you’re ready to challenge yourself, grow your kayaking skills and take on advanced kayak conditions and boat control, our courses and coaches will get you there, with a smile on your face.

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