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NDK Pro Paddlers Jeff Atkins and Ashley Brown offer kayakers of all levels the highest quality training available, locally or at your venue. We also offer the outstanding NDK line of kayaks available for sale from our home base in Charleston, SC.

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We proudly paddle and sell NDK Performance Sea Kayaks from our base in Charleston, SC.

I've had the pleasure of learning in the surf from both Jeff and Ashley. Both are superb coaches, engaged and observant, able to provide detailed guidance. They clearly enjoy coaching, and are totally vested in students' learning new skills, all while having a blast doing it. In the surf, or on the beach, Ashley and Jeff are just downright fun folks, Highly recommended!

Mark H.Virginia

I achieved my goal of an ACA Level III Instructor Certification in Sea Kayaking, and I decided to stop there. I certified at Level IV skills, but I was concerned about taking on the responsibility to certify kayakers to operate in very challenging L IV conditions. Then Ashley announced that she would be teaching an Level IV Instructor course, and I immediately changed my mind. Why? Ashley is just that good of an instructor. Sure, anyone who has seen the grace and skill she exhibits when paddling knows that she is an exceptionally gifted kayaker. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is a great instructor. I know she is a great instructor because when I previously took classes with her, Ashley didn’t just teach me techniques, she inspired me to think things through and gain new insights that will stick with me throughout my paddling career. Learning from Ashley again will be fun, but I know that when I walk away from the instructor training I will be up to the challenge and I will have something important to impart to a new level of students.

Thomas Suppan

Jeff Atkins is one amazing kayak instructor and guide! Last summer we Midwestern paddlers were in South Carolina for a family event and wanted to get some ocean kayaking experience. A friend who’s an ACA instructor recommended Jeff, so we engaged him for an afternoon’s instruction “to get more comfortable paddling in waves.” I can’t remember a time when I learned so much and had so much fun at the same time! A master “wavepaddler” himself, Jeff is also a master teacher- with his expert guidance, we were paddling the swells with relish and even did some surfing that day. We’ve since been on a coastal kayak adventure with Jeff and look forward to more fun in the waves!

Wendy and GaryWisconsin

Surely greeted by a warm smile and genuine welcome each time you see her, Ashley’s love for the water and passion for people exudes from the first moment you meet her. Her skills are unsurpassed, making it nothing short of an honor to learn from her, while her warm personality, quick wit, and sense of humor make paddlers of all skill levels feel welcomed in her classes. In short, if you know her, you love her - as your coach, mentor, coworker, and friend.

Kayaking Student

Jeff and Ashley are more fun than a bunch of monkeys. Really.

Tom NoffsingerKayak Dude

I met Jeff Atkins at our local paddling clubs symposium a few years ago. Jeff is not only open but he is very accepting of all students, no matter their ability. The reason I am noting that because often instructors can be judgmental about instructing newer paddlers if they are a high level instructor.
Jeff is a very experienced, high level instructor that welcomes all learners at their skill level. He has an amazing way of assessing skills and building upon that for each person even in large classes. I have been fortunate to take several classes with Jeff and I have learned a lot and improved my skills each time. The most notable technique Jeff utilizes is making learning fun. In fact, every time I have had the opportunity to be in Jeff’s class, it has always been a blast. I look forward to the next opportunity to learn more, in fact, he is one of my favorite coaches of all time!

TamiGreensboro, NC

In the summer of 2019, I went to Texas to visit a friend and with the objective of taking a kayak course, this was difficult but luckily we found Lynne from RiverCoast, she told us about Jeff Atkins who was finally my instructor. I really liked the way the course was developed, since we started from exercises with nautical chart and the bases of sea kayaking.
Solo rescue and assisted rescue were one of my favorite exercises.
Jeff's classes seemed very clear and precise without draining the participants' heads very much and concentrating much of the work in the water, the work at sea was incredible, the waves of San Luis Pass were the most fun and kayaking, making this a very difficult experience to forget. the way of presenting the contents of leave no trace seemed very good to me.
I also want to highlight the enthusiasm of my instructor, always full of energy and good availability with all the participants.
Greetings from Patagonia, Chile.

Brian G.Patagonia, Chile

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